Brakes India introduces Gear & Transmission Oil under Revia brand

Brakes India introduces Gear & Transmission Oil under Revia brand

Chennai: Brakes India, a leading braking systems manufacturer & supplier and a respected named in the aftermarket space, continues to expand its lubricants pipeline. The newest addition is the gear and transmission oil under their newest brand Revia.

Brakes India, part of the $3 billion TSF group, is a respected name in the global automotive landscape for its safety and quality and is now capitalising on its vast distribution network to meet the growing demand in the lubricants space. Brakes India entered the lubricants space with its engine oil product group under the brand name Revia, in April this year.

Speaking of the brand Revia, Mr. Sujit Nayak, Senior Vice president, Brakes India explained, “At Brakes India, we focus on quality and safety. This has been our brand promise for our all-new brand Revia too, and it inspires our customers. As we continue to grow our brand with product extensions, we’re now introducing gear and transmission oil which caters to both passenger cars and commercial vehicle customers.”

In the first phase, two grades 80W90 and 85W140 will be introduced. They are formulated to withstand extreme pressure and deliver maximum protection. 85W140 is devised to meet the latest API GL 5 specifications.

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