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De Beers Forevermark presents its 10th annual India Forum

Chennai, 26th August 2021 – De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company has made several exciting and significant announcements at its 10th annual forum held over the last three days. The announcements include – the De Beers Forevermark rebrand, the launch of the Forevermark Avaanti collection, the new Code of Origin programme and new partnership with National Geographic. Hosting a hybrid virtual and in person event, the diamond brand reached out to over 8 lakhs partners, diamantaires, manufacturers and patrons. 

Chennai Day gets Bigger and Better

“En Chennai Young Chennai” is an initiative to celebrate the energetic minds and tireless hands of young Chennaites who come together during turbulent times faced by Chennai during the last decade and a little more. These young Chennaites have contributed to the smooth functioning of our communities whenever they faced natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, covid etc., and never forgot to raise their voice for their rights such as Jallikattu or any other social cause that impact the society.

Chennai Anthem Teaser an instant chartbuster goes Viral

Chennai, August 17, 2021: En Chennai Young Chennai (#Youngchennai) is an initiative to celebrate the spirit of Chennai’s Youth on Chennai day. Spirited youngsters who came together without any expectations to make Chennai city better and safer. Young Chennai is neither defined by its heritage nor historical significance. The true spirit of young Chennai is about Camaraderie and Co-opting for the benefit of society and its common cause.

Chennai redefined by its youth for Generations

En Chennai Young Chennai initiative is the brainchild of the Marketing Consulting start-up – @The Idea Factory / @TIF. @TIF is known for its Innovative Marketing Strategies for Brands and content marketing initiatives. Brand Blitz has joined hands to present this tribute to Chennai #ECYC. Brand Blitz has made a mark to reach the leadership position in event management space.

‘Increased Screen Time Leads to Alarming Rise in ‘Squint Eye’ Cases and Myopia Progression Among Children

There has been a five times year-on-year increase in the number of ‘acute onset comitant esotropia’, a sudden and unexpected outbreak of ‘squint eye’ cases, among children in the city in the past two years. Equally alarming is the 100% myopia progression and 25% increase in the onset of myopia every year in the past two years, according to Dr. Manjula Jayakumar, Senior Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai.

Hepatitis can’t wait!

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day – this year’s theme is ‘Hepatitis can’t wait’. Truly finding and treating hepatitis patients and taking steps to prevent new infections are really urgent even as the covid battle is still on! This is possible if public awareness rises for both prevention and diagnosis. Avoid sharing sharp objects like nail clippers, razors etc and don’t patronize unsafe tattooing/ piercing!


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