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‘BORN IN BHARAT’ – Pride of the PAST, Growth for the PRESENT, and Vision for the FUTURE!

Conceptualised and carefully curated by Seshu Karthik – an Entrepreneur by heart, the campaign revolves around building a better Nation for tomorrow with a collective effort from each one of us. ‘BORN IN BHARAT’ started as a single idea of bringing people together for the Nation and evolved into a broader holistic initiative considering the past, present, and future.

Start-up SeguraMAX Global introduces ‘KEEP-U-SAFE’, world’s first plant-based virus reducing technology

Chennai, 30 September 2020: While Covid-19 vaccination continues to remain under development and containing the spread of the coronavirus has become the most critical aspect in today’s world, Ludhiana-based start-up SeguraMAX Global (SeguraMAX) has announced the launch of ‘KEEP-U-SAFE’, a pathbreaking, first-of-its-kind technology in the world, which will aid in achieving significant reduction of viruses on surfaces of their products.

DEP’s MeshWorks Extend the Life of Hip Implants

Chennai, 08 September, 2020: One of the most frequent and severe joint inflictions, osteoarthritis, often requires administration of a Total Hip Replacement (THR). This implant, being significantly load-bearing, requires a complex design that is strong enough to withstand long durations of load. Bone implant designs must be precise and durable in order to withstand significant load and pressure over time.

10 Habit Heroes from Harappa’s Digital Initiative

Chennai, July 20, 2020: Harappa Education, a leading Indian online learning institution, announced the winners of its digital initiative Habit Heroes today. A stellar jury selected 10 Habit Heroes from over 400 nominations for their can-do spirit and inspiring stories of community engagement, in these difficult times.

Virtual conference ‘WiT Spark’

Chennai, July 10, 2020: Women in Technology (WiT) India Forum, a collaborative and progressive platform that focuses on increasing women participation in STEM careers, today announced the first edition of their virtual conference ‘WiT Spark’. The virtual event will be held on July 16, 2020, with the core theme of ‘Accelerating the New Normal’. The experience will be hosted on STCH VirtuaLive, a dynamic & immersive online platform by STCH, a leading integrated marketing and experiential events company.