Dr. Florence Helen Nalini from chennai won a medal in the Ms International World Pageant held in America

Dr. Florence Helen Nalini is a Psychologist and an Educationist by profession from Chennai, who was crowned as Mrs. India 2021 – 2022 with a Title Ms. International World Classic India 2021 -2022 organized by the Indo – US alliance, The International Glamour Project in Mumbai.

Florence Nalini represented India as Ms International World Classic 2022 held at Miami, Florida, USA and she returned to chennai from the United States of America after winning the title award.

Florence Nalini said at the press meet “I won the title and was crowned as Ms. International World Classic India 2022 and I am the Winner of Ms International World People’s Choice Award 2022 among the participants who came from more than 42 countries across the globe. On winning this Award, I am eligible and got selected to take part in the next level of the International competition to be held in the United States next year. She said more than 150 plus countries will be participating in the event and I am very happy to represent my country India.”

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