Dynasty of Dragons

Embark on an epic adventure with ‘The Dynasty of Dragons’ at Nexus Vijaya Mall

Chennai, July 1, 2022: This summer, apart from being the hottest shopping hub of the city, Nexus Vijaya Mall, Chennai has also turned into a thriving fun destination with numerous things to do. As part of this fun frenzy , the mall is bringing ‘The Dynasty of Dragons’, an over the top fantasy event that will have your little ones fall back into ancient times with life-sized mythological creatures moving around them.

Dragons have always been a subject of interest for kids. But what if they could really feel the thrill of having these mythical, fire breathing beasts around them? In first of its kind set up for the city, Nexus Vijaya Mall has undergone a complete jungle themed décor with creepers and cocoons hanging inside the mall to bring out the essence of ‘unknown world of Dinosaurs’. It’s meandering eerie set up includes two giant 5 meter tall animatronic dragons that will be greeting the kids at the entryway. To intensify the mystic set up, two massive animatronic flying dragons emitting smoke will meet the kids at the atrium.

The mythical beasts will walk around the mall, befriend the kids and even play with them. The event will also have in store workshops such as dragon eggs making, feeding the dragon and other dragon crafts which will not only engage the kids but will also enlighten them about an era gone by. The mall also has arranged for dragon arcade games to elevate the joyful mood even further. Patrons can also take selfies with the dragons and share them on their social media to double the excitement. 

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