GAYN Capital to offer Rs. 400 Crores of Retail Real Estate Products through Fractional Ownership over the next 2 years

Chennai, 3rd August 2022: GAYN Capital is an online fractional ownership platform, that is focused on creating an unprecedented level of access to Commercial Real Estate, in the Indian marketplace.

An investment platform that advocates transparency, and accessibility at every level, the company aims to spearhead the transition between traditional investments and non-conventional choices at every level.

Kalyan Jayaprakash, Kishore Janakiraman, and Ganesh Jayaprakash, the founders, have a combined 50 years of industry expertise in Real Estate, Banking, and Technology. Combining their skill sets to build GAYN Capital, they bring incredible opportunities to their clients at every possible chance. They aim to disrupt the marketplace by listing an eclectic array of products for a wide audience of investors.

Kalyan Jayaprakash CEO/Co-Founder had this to say – “The age of fractional ownership is upon us. What started with high-value tangible assets now has mass application. Consumers can own infinitely small pieces of anything, opening up numerous opportunities to a much wider audience.”

The company’s tie up with Chennai based ‘Bhoomi and Buildings‘ means the general public will soon be able to choose from multiple products in the next two years, that will total to a value of Rs. 400 crores. The products will be rolled out in phases on the company’s digital platform, and will be easily accessible through a GAYN Capital account.

Bhoomi is already a known player in the retail real estate market, having completed over 50 projects in this sector; they boast a healthy pipeline of deals, with both national and international brands, which will be listed on the GAYN platform.

Kishore Janakiraman COO/Co-founder says – “Omni Channel Marketing alone can provide a seamless integration of branding, positioning through online and offline touch points providing a more effective customer experience.”

GAYN Capital products go through independent valuation by international property consultants; title diligence and documentation by reputed law firms ensure complete transparency.

In the current economic environment, yielding commercial real estate is a relatively safe asset class in which to invest. The capital is secured by a physical asset; with capital appreciation over the tenure of your investment; as well as a monthly rental that is a passive income. These attributes are packaged into a product and brought to you by GAYN Capital.

As we mentioned in an earlier release, the system is designed to play on the strengths that the company’s founders bring to the table. They leverage their collective expertise to curate and identify opportunities in the Retail, Logistics, Healthcare and Entertainment industries. Once a product is chosen, the property will go through a rigorous process of due diligence to ensure everything is in place, including all paperwork, and leases from Marquee tenants. The entire platform is driven by cutting edge technology to further enhance security and client confidentiality. The process can be tracked end-to-end through our dashboard so that the investors can monitor their investments.

To sum it up, Ganesh Jayaprakash CTO/Co-Founder says – “Our vision is to build a digital fractional investment platform that is trusted, transparent and intuitive for our customers. The first principle we follow is simple – Have a radical focus on customer experience and make it the epicentre of all you do!”

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