Glittering Diwali Bash with Live Performance at Phoenix Marketcity 

Phoenix’s Diwali Bazaar to host flea market to attract visitors starting from October 21-23rd

Chennai, 21st October, 2022: Celebrating the festive fervor and the splendor of Diwali, Phoenix Marketcity, one of the premium malls in Chennai is setting up Diwali Bazaar with live acts from the city-based famous bands Sam/Bibin duo, Soulusions and Ashwath Ajith Band. On October 21st, Sam/Bibin duo will perform their compositions. “Soulusions”  band led by Arul Prakasam, The title Winner of Sun TV’s Rajaparvai music show, and his team will rearrange  the performance soulfully in the fusion genre on October 22nd  from 7 Pm onwards at Courtyard, Phoenix Marketcity

On October 23rd get mesmerised with the performance of Aswath Ajith and his band. Ashwath  is a vocalist for the popular Bangalore-based band ‘Pineapple Express,’ which is well-known throughout India for its Modern-fusion genre and high energy.  He also founded and leads the Chennai-based band “Madras Music Factory.” The band rose to prominence after their first music video, ‘Kaithola Paya Virichu,’ became a hit in Kerala. Live performance will start from 7Pm onwards at Courtyard, Phoenix Marketcity. As part of Diwali Bazaar PMC will host a flea market running through October 21st to 23rd from 12pm to 10pm to encourage shoppers to get into the holiday spirit, the flea market features sellers from all over the city selling Farm Fresh vegetables, antiques, collectibles, traditional apparel, and accessories   

The festive season of 2022 will be celebrated with vigour and astonishment by  Chennai people. The mall was decked out in the latest decor and the festive spirit was heightened with the best deals on fashion, jewellery, electronics, home decor, and other brands. 

Phoenix Marketcity has installed a state-of-the-art grand Led tunnel with 16 * 22  and 126 ft long with Chakra hangings with vibrant lighting to commemorate the Festival of lights.  The light installation is intriguing and thought-provoking, and it will encourage people to share their hopes for change. The Chakra hangings symbolise wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. When these two elements come together, they create a visual representation that is unlike any other. These sights are not limited to the outside of the mall but can be found throughout. The gleaming colourful lighting outside the Palladium Mall represents the mall’s festive outlook, capturing the attention of visitors and passer-by.

To make shopping spree more attractive shoppers will get an assured 2gm Gold coin if they purchase for more than Rs. 1 lakh and above only at Palladium brands between October 14th -31st.  Other irresistible offers includes shop for Rs. 25,000 and stand a chance to win gifts worth 50 Lakhs This is applicable for shoppers in Phoenix & Palladium between 9th to 31st October.

About Phoenix Marketcity: A premier destination for luxury lifestyle, it provides guests a variety of opulent options. Phoenix continues to be “The” destination for the most affluent and sophisticated residents of the city as well as expats thanks to its truly international appearance and feel, elegantly decorated interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from across the world. The mall provides Chennai with the most extensive and appealing lifestyle shopping experience. The stores represent a comprehensive mix of international, national, and regional luxury brands. Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai is more than simply a mall; it’s a confluence of fascinating cultures, lovely clothes, and high-end couture. A city within a city, in an urban setting with coexisting shopping, entertainment, and leisure options.

Palladium Chennai connotes high-end, luxurious shopping, an upscale shopping mall. The complex makes a bold design statement in the Chennai landscape thanks to its distinctive architecture. The opulent Palladium sprawl is home to a mix of retail and lifestyle businesses, with close to 70 retailers. The mall is home to a variety of cafes, fine dining restaurants, and salons in addition to premium labels and high fashion companies, making it the only of its kind for luxury retail in India.

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