International Women’s Day Quotes

Kashish Daya Kapoor, Head-HR, NEC Corporation India. 

Advancing gender equality and inclusivity in the context of a sustainable future is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. Women are increasingly being recognized as change-makers and Gender equality is being recognized as a precondition for promoting sustainable development and a building block of good governance. Without gender diversity & inclusion, a sustainable and equal future remains beyond our reach. At NEC, we have been working towards this goal passionately and have witnessed an encouraging 10% increase in female hires as compared to 2020 with a whopping 61% women covered in T&D. The attrition rate amongst the women at NEC has been significantly lower than the total attrition.  

Anuradha Bharat, Vice President, People Operations at Razorpay 

#BreakTheBias is here to bring a change that demands our attention to equalise roles in the work domain and make progress towards gender inclusion. 
While many of us may not always realise it, gender stereotypes and assumptions have been firmly rooted in our work environment thus impacting everything right from recruitment processes to everyday interactions. The theme #BreakTheBias focuses on the significance of confronting biases and misunderstandings in the pursuit of a more inclusive and gender-equal world.
Razorpay believes in equality, making people feel belonged and inclusive. This is what makes our team such a pleasure to work with. Respect for one another, a safe space to be ourselves and experiment with new things adds to the uniqueness of Razorpay’s inclusive culture. This culture allows us to be progressive and see sustained success.

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