Moonbakes Launches a Berry-licious Menu 

The exclusive Strawberry menu has been features an array of delicious desserts for every occasion 

Chennai, 23rd January 2024: Paying an ode to the season of strawberries, Moonbakes, Chennai’s finest pastry and dessert studio,  has curated a symphony of flavors for dessert aficionados with its Strawberry Menu. With a spectacular lineup of scrumptious and mouth watering desserts, the brand-new menu features- Brownies with Strawberries, Strawberry Tres Leches, Strawberry Biscoff Cheesecake, Charlotte Strawberry Shortcake, Nutella Strawberry Naked cake, Strawberry Pistachio Cheesecake, and Strawberry Custard Pull Up Cake, and much more. 

Kickstarting the culinary escapade are the  Brownies with Strawberries bringing an exquisite fusion of rich cocoa and succulent strawberries. Priced at ₹850 for 350gms, the decadent treat promises to redefine the very essence of a classic brownie. On the other hand, those with a penchant for the quintessential, the Strawberry Tres Leches offers a delightful twist on a traditional favorite, infusing the sponge cake with the essence of strawberries soaked in heavenly milk, starting at ₹650 for 300 gms and ₹820 for 500 gms.

Further elevating cheesecakes to new heights, the Strawberry Biscoff Cheesecake, priced at ₹1400 for 6 inches,  is the perfect blend of creamy cheesecake, luscious strawberries, and the irresistible crunch of Biscoff biscuits. Meanwhile, the Nutella Strawberry Naked cake brings the simplicity of the nutella truffle and the fruity sweetness of fresh strawberry at a starting price of ₹990 onwards. 

That’s not all, Moonbakes also brings a twist to the old-favorite Tiramisu with the Charlotte Strawberry Shortcake. Layers of light and airy sponge cake, fresh strawberries, and velvety whipped cream, create a dessert that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious, starting at ₹1070 onwards. Indulge your taste buds further with the Strawberry Pistachio Cheesecake, presenting the smoothness of cheesecake with crunchy pistachios, complemented by the sweet and tangy essence of ripe strawberries, priced at ₹1,500 onwards. 

Another highlight to the slew is the Strawberry Custard Pullup Cake priced at ₹1,250 for 500 gms , an unconventional creation that combines the velvety goodness of vanilla with the fruity delight of strawberries and the deliciousness of the  Strawberry custard Pull up cream; inviting you to savor every moment of this unique dessert experience.The exquisite menu also features Strawberry Red Velvet Naked cake starting at ₹970, Strawberry Overload Cheesecake priced at ₹1,350 for 6 inches , Strawberry Overload cake starting at ₹1,350 and a double chocolate  strawberry cake priced at ₹930 onwards. For those seeking a taste of luxury in every bite, make your way to MoonBakes and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Strawberry.

About Moonbakes: Moonbakes is a cloud kitchen that was started by Dharani Ranganathan  in 2021. It’s one of a kind bespoke bakeries in Chennai that offers a wide variety of desserts that are premium and rich in taste. In order to capture the taste buds of health enthusiasts, Moonbakes has recently forayed into healthy desserts domain with their sister brand “Healthy Moonbakes” that offers a variety of desserts that are Gluten free, Vegan and Sugar free.

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