Prashanth Hospital Celebrates ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ 

~ Empowering Working Parents on Effective Breastfeeding~

  • Edifying sessions on breastfeeding and related nuances through a weeklong series of activities. 
  • A holistic package which included Expert Speaker Sessions, Workshops, Quizzes, Cooking Contests, Short Film Competitions & much more. 

Chennai 7th August,2023: Enabling a significant change in the society in lieu of World Breastfeeding Week (1st–7th August) Chennai’s leading super- speciality hospitalPrashanth Hospitals organised a weeklong educational program on the theme ‘Enabling Breastfeeding – Making A Difference For Working Parents.’ The grand finale to this highly informative series had distinguished guests from varying walks of life present mementos to the winners who partook in several competitions as part of the program. Renowned personalities like Ms. Sharmu Rajan ACP – Tamil Nadu Police and Mr. Ra Karthick, Film Director were the chief guests amongst the senior dignitaries of the hospital including Dr. Geetha Haripriya – Chairperson of Prashanth Group of Hospitals

The novel initiative was aimed to empower working parents both mothers and fathers with informative sessions, expert workshops and various engaging fun activities related to breastfeeding. The program commenced with edifying sessions conducted by senior gynaecologists, lactation consultants, and neonatologists, providing valuable insights and clearing misconceptions about breastfeeding methods for working parents. Participants were trained on essential topics, including proper feeding techniques, effective breast milk storage, recommended diet, and nutrition, as well as methods for managing work responsibilities while nursing their babies. Additionally, best practices for breast milk donation were emphasized to encourage the culture of sharing and supporting other infants in need. The series of awareness activities spread across the week witnessed enthusiastic participation from working parents, especially in rangoli competitions, quizzes, poster presentations, nutritional cooking contests and short film showcases.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Geetha Haripriya Chairperson of Prashanth Group of Hospitals expressed her delight, stating, “We are pleased to have organized an impactful lineup of events and activities for working parents during World Breastfeeding Week. At Prashanth Hospitals, we firmly believe that the health and well-being of a newborn depend on the entire family’s collective effort and not just the mother. Our team of experts mentored and guided both mothers and fathers, ensuring they adopt the best practices for successful lactation and baby care.”

Dr. Vijayakumar, Head, Department of Paediatrics at Prashanth Hospitals, emphasized the importance of dispelling misconceptions surrounding breastfeeding, especially for new mothers facing multiple challenges as working parents. “We are committed to empowering young mothers and fathers, reassuring them that they can master the art of providing timely lactation and care for their babies in a stress-free state of mind. Through our well-structured modules planned for varying sessions spearheaded by experts from related fields, we were able to address the taboo around breastfeeding and fostered a supportive environment for the wellbeing of the entire family.” he said. Prashanth Hospital’s celebration of World Breastfeeding Week has left a lasting impact on working parents, encouraging them to embrace breastfeeding as a natural and essential aspect of their child’s growth and development. The hospital remains committed to promoting breastfeeding awareness and supporting parents in providing the best possible care for their infants.

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