Prashanth Hospitals Drives ‘Road Safety Awareness’ with a Mega 3-Day Public Awareness Campaign

• An energetic 5 km walkathon with nearly 200 participants sets the tone for the “Road safety awareness campaign”

• Creative banners and placards were carried by volunteers at key traffic junctions in and around Velachery to amplify the campaign across three consecutive days.

Chennai, 10th January, 2024: Prashanth Hospitals, one of Chennai’s leading super-speciality hospitals, took a significant step towards promoting road safety by organizing a comprehensive 3-day public awareness campaign aimed at benefiting the local community. The initiative, designed to foster a safer environment and prevent accidents, witnessed the active participation of nearly 200 individuals in an energetic 5 km walkathon commencing from and ending at Prashanth Hospitals – Velachery. The 5km walkathon was ceremoniously flagged off by Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Managing Director of Prashanth Hospitals, and Dr. Baskaran- CEO of Prashanth Hospitals. 

The walkathon served as a platform to disseminate important road safety messages. The event brought together healthcare professionals, students, and other community members, emphasizing the collaborative effort to instil responsible driving practices and reduce distractions, thereby preventing accidents, injuries, and life-threatening conditions resulting from road mishaps. Simultaneously, volunteers carried creatively designed banners and placards displaying innovative road safety messages at key traffic junctions in and around Velachery for three consecutive days, further enhancing the impact of the campaign. 

Commenting on the pivotal initiative, Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Managing Director of Prashanth Hospitals, “By emphasizing the significance of this Road Safety Awareness campaign, we highlight the simplicity of the concept with profound implications. Reckless driving and traffic rule violations can result in severe consequences, leading to life-altering conditions such as complex orthopaedic or neurological issues post-accidents. Our commitment to community well-being extends beyond healthcare, and through this campaign, we are sure to achieve our set goal in raising awareness and fostering responsible road behaviour among individuals.”

Dr. Baskaran, CEO, Prashanth Hospitals further added “Such awareness campaigns are vital to educate the public and foster a culture of responsible driving. Initiatives like these contribute significantly to building a safer and more responsible community. Road safety is a shared responsibility, and we are glad to contribute to creating awareness and encouraging positive behavioural change for a safer road environment.”

As the campaign concluded successfully, Prashanth Hospitals remains dedicated to its mission of promoting road safety and contributing to the well-being of the community. The hospital expresses gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and stakeholders for their support in making this initiative a true success. 

About Prashanth Hospitals: Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated healthcare services by professionally trained experts. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital at Velachery and Kolathur is one of the best- and well-known multi- specialty hospitals in Chennai. These facilities have well trained and skilled nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. The vision is to become an internationally renowned medical institute by providing excellent health care services to the patients, and the mission is to maintain the trust of the patient by providing good quality of health care. The values on which Prashanth Super-specialty Hospitals function are quality of care, respect, competence, the effectiveness of the treatment, safety, and creating health awareness among the people. Prashanth Super- specialty Hospitals also provides various health care packages for check-ups and diagnosis of any ailment and their treatments.

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