Prashanth Hospitals ‘Save Young Hearts’ 2023 Campaign reverberates cardiac health awareness and concludes in a grand manner

  • Noted Tamil Actor Vikram Prabhu of Kumki fame recommended many youngsters to have regular healthy lifestyle and fitness routines to arrest cardiac complications
  • Cancer patient wins the first prize for uniquely amplifying heart health through his interesting Instagram reel.

Chennai, October 21, 2023 – Prashanth Hospitals, a leading super-speciality hospital in Chennai, successfully culminated its impactful ‘Save Young Hearts’ 2023 digital campaign, in continuation with the major hit campaign of 2022, designed to raise awareness about cardiac wellness and encourage healthy lifestyles among the youth to prevent cardiac complications and heart attacks. The grand finale event featured distinguished guests and renowned cardiologists from Prashanth Hospitals who delivered key insights on stress management, healthy eating, and lifestyle choices crucial for cardiac well-being.

Grandson of the legendary actor Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan and well-known Tamil actor Vikram Prabhu of the national award winning Kumki and Tamil blockbuster Ponniyin Selvan fame, extended his heartfelt congratulations as the event’s chief guest to the award winners and participants of the short video contest, recognizing their outstanding creative contributions in promoting cardiac wellness and encouraging a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Prashanth Hospitals’ team of expert cardiologists shared their perspectives on the pressing need to de-stress, adopt a balanced diet, and make positive lifestyle choices to safeguard against cardiac issues. Their insights shed light on the gravity of frequent cardiac arrests among young individuals in recent times.

The event included a recognition ceremony for the winners of the short video/reels contest, who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in advocating for cardiac wellness and healthy living. Overall, there were a total of more than 100 entries that innovatively resonated the trending topic on Instagram which aided in creating a mega awareness amongst the targeted audience. 

The first prize was awarded to a cancer patient Mr. Sivamani Kannan with a handsome cash reward of Rs.1 lakh for brilliantly conveying the intended message by depicting the rising cardiac complications in a smart and impactful manner. The second prize Rs.50,000 was awarded to Mr. Jeevan for creating a compelling video on preventive measures for heart health. 

Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Managing Director of Prashanth Hospitals, Chennai, emphasized, “Our unwavering commitment is to protect the hearts of our youth and ensure a healthier future. Increased awareness and lifestyle changes are instrumental in preventing heart attacks. Engaging with young individuals and the broader social media community is the key. Through this competition, we aim to convey the message of preventing cardiac arrests and fostering a heart-healthy lifestyle. We are delighted by the overwhelming response to this campaign and the tremendous support from celebrity influencers.”

Addressing the audience on the significance of being aware and alert of cardiac wellness, Senior Cardiologist, Dr. Kathiresan commented “The healthy lifestyle changes should be imbibed right from the school. There should be a continuous campaign for the public by professional organisations and the government. Long term environmental changes are also needed. We must immediately seek medical help when we face even the slightest signs and symptoms of cardiac complications like a heart burn, radiating pain in hands and shoulders, and a sense of discomfort in the heart or breathing. “Prashanth Hospitals’ ‘Save Young Hearts’ digital campaign reached out to a wide audience across various social media platforms, empowering young individuals to take proactive steps in preventing cardiac complications. Given the growing concern of heart disease among the younger generation, the campaign’s mission was to educate, inspire change, and drive the importance of heart health through innovative social media initiatives. The Grand Finale of this campaign was organized at Crest Club, Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai.  The “Save Young Hearts Reels Contest” served as a platform for open discussions, creative engagement, and debates focused on preventing the increasing incidents of heart attacks.

About Prashanth Hospitals: Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated healthcare services by professionally trained experts. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital at Velachery and Kolathur is one of the best- and well-known multi-specialty hospitals in Chennai. These facilities have well trained and skilled nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. The vision is to become an internationally renowned medical institute by providing excellent health care services to the patients, and the mission is to maintain the trust of the patient by providing good quality of health care. The values on which Prashanth Super-specialty Hospitals functions are quality of care, respect, competence, the effectiveness of the treatment, safety, and creating health awareness among the people. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospitals also provides various health care packages for check-ups and diagnosis of any ailment and their treatments.

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