Red Chief – revival of sale

Chennai, 06 June 2020: Red Chief, one of the oldest and most trusted footwear brands in the Indian market from Leayan Global Private Limited has opened 60 % of their Exclusive Brand Stores are now opened for customers and are in touch with local administrations to open more in couple of days ahead.

With regards to Red Chief’s distributors and retailers, they have also started opening up based on permission from local authorities and in the coming weeks, we hope to see more action as most stores are set to open.  Additionally, the CRM team is working rigorously to address customer queries, and guiding customers to our new operating safety measures as per prescribed norms by health department. They are ensuring to communicate these advisory to our employees and customers for best of safety as top priority.

Measures taken for staff and store workers:

·         Compulsory guidelines to wear masks and gloves

·         We have sanitized exposed surfaces such as door handles, table, chair, cash counter, computer parts and they displayed products every hour as need be

·         Our staff uses fresh and properly cleaned masks every day

·         We sanitize hands of every customer that store at entry

·         Every new stock cartoon being sanitized

·         Our staff follows social distancing guidelines keeping a 6 feet gap between them and customers

·         The staff doesn’t consume tobacco or Paan masala in the shop

·         The staff uses Aarogya Setu app and recommends it to our customers also

Advisory for Consumers:

·         Customers without face masks are not being allowed in the stores

·         They have been told to follow social distancing guidelines while shopping

·         They have been banned from using tobacco in the store

·         We advise customers not to touch shoes and to speak to shop staff for assistance

·         Customers are encouraged to use cashless payment methods

·         As precautionary measures we don’t accept customer return of use products

Commenting on the Coronavirus regulatory advisory, Mr.Raman Kumar, Vice President –Retail, Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd., commented “Coming few weeks are crucial as we are trying all our sales channels to resume operations in full swing and provide seamless access to our loyal customers for purchasing from any of the above-mentioned channel, they prefer to. Although not at full swing but customer footfall has already started.  Business has resumed on both E – Commerce platforms and our own Red Chief website –and now reach of booked orders is being ensured to online customers.”

Since lockdown in most part of country has been eased and people movement across various walks of life has started so shopping need for footwear will also revive and the sales trend will be on the rise now onwards.

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