Resonance Foods & Barrocco launches their new outlet “Barrocco @ OMR” on Wednesday, August 3rd 2022 at RTS Food Street, Navalur

Resonance Foods & Barrocco, Barrocco @ OMR, an ultimate food destination to explore new varieties of Asian Foods was inaugurated by Chennai’s most well-known social media content creator Anita Chandhoke, who is also a YouTuber, Mom Blogger, and influencer in the presence of Sooraj Viswanathan & Nithya Raj (Co-founders) on August 3rd at RTS Food Street, Navalur


The installation of scrumptious varieties of Asian foods may already be in India. But Barrocco 22 brings the distinct flavours and real taste of each and every country of Asia to Chennai. Barrocco 22 is an exclusive place to taste all kinds of Asian street foods and a massive variety of Bubble Tea. It aims to entice all food lovers of the city as people hunt for new varieties of foods wherever they go. So, Barrocco 22 will be their ultimate food destination to explore new varieties of Asian foods including Korean, Taiwan, Thai, and Japanese foods.

How about tasting a glass of BUBBLE TEA?

We are serving in Chennai the famous Bubble Tea from the hands of the best Chef in Asia.

Bubble Tea is a tea-based Taiwan drink that comes along with chewy tapioca balls. Although different places in Chennai serve Bubble Tea, Barrocco 22 serves it right from the hands of Taiwan with ingredients sourced from the origin. We are distinct in serving Bubble Tea by blending it with any milkshake variety. Feel the real aroma of Taiwan slathering from nose to soul! We serve the best Asian foods and drinks made out of real ingredients.


Mobile: 90474 00064


FIND US AT: Barrocco 22 at OMR- Shop no D5B RTS Food Street, Navalur.

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