Revolutionizing Urological Care: AINU Chennai’s Specialized Workshop on Evolving Kidney Stone Surgery Techniques – Supine PCNL & ECIRS

~ Collaborating with Urological Society of India and Urolithiasis Section to provide an edifying session for aspiring Urologists & Nephrologists ~

Chennai, December 20th, 2023 – The Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU Chennai)a leading kidney care specialist in India and Chennai’s largest nephrology and urology healthcare specialty centre successfully hosted a workshop educating emerging urologists and nephrologists on the advanced surgical procedures to treat kidney stones. The workshop, conducted in collaboration with the Urological Society of India – Urolithiasis Section, showcased two progressive methodologies, Supine Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Supine PCNL) and Endoscopic Combined Intrarenal Surgery (ECIRS), which are gradually gaining recognition in India.

Supine (PCNL) and ECIRS represent groundbreaking techniques for the treatment of kidney stones, performed in a supine position, lying horizontally with the face and torso facing up. They mark a significant leap forward in patient comfort and procedural efficiency and offers numerous advantages, including improved access to the renal collecting system, reduced radiation exposure, and enhanced stone clearance rates with minimal patient discomfort. 

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Arun Kumar, Managing Director of AINU Chennai said “I am very grateful to USI – Urolithiasis Subsection and the amazing team of highly reputed faculties who have taken their time out and embarked on this great pursuit of enlightening, mentoring, and training the next generation of experts. The transition from prone, where the patient is traditionally laid on his stomach to supine PCNL has been a crucial topic of discussion, and adapting this in our Indian hospitals is currently very significant. With the goal of providing thorough insights into the subtleties and technical complexities involved in S-PCNL and ECIRS, this 2-day intensive workshop seeks to enable and train future urological experts to become experts in this domain. “

Commending the host for taking this brilliant initiative of training future surgeons and experts in this domain, Dr. Harprit Singh-Secretary from USI – Urolithiasis Subsection expressed ” We are very delighted to partner with AINU Chennai for coordinating and curating this brilliant conference carefully crafted to meet the educational requirements of both experienced consultants and postgraduate students (PGs) by seeking to offer an platform for a thorough exploration of all aspects of these operations, from placement and access to handling difficult situations and resolving potential difficulties in connection with Supine PCNL procedures. ” 

The two-day live workshop garnered substantial participation with 200 attendees and 30 distinguished faculty members from across the country. The event featured live surgical demonstrations, lectures, debates, and panel discussions conducted by esteemed experts in the domain of Urology. The workshop provided a platform for attendees to enhance their expertise in this specialized area of Urology, thereby offering a comprehensive learning experience.

AINU Chennai remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of Urology, ensuring that emerging healthcare professionals are well-equipped to deliver the highest standards of patient care. The success of this workshop underscores AINU Chennai’s dedication to fostering continuous learning and excellence in Urological care.

About AINU: Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology is a world–class super-specialty Kidney Center in India and the youngest hospital to be accredited by NABH and awarded DNB by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As a dedicated group in the field of Nephrology and Urology, they are present in 4 major cities namely Hyderabad, Vizag, Siliguri, and Chennai comprising of total 7 branches with several milestones to their credit. Consisting of a distinguished panel of doctors with expertise in the fields of Urology, Nephrology, Paediatric Urology and Nephrology, Medical Oncology, Anaesthesiology, Andrology, and Radiology, AINU boasts state-of-the-art facilities to cater to exclusive care in renal health.  As a premier Centre of Excellence in Renal Sciences, the 500-bedded tertiary care units include an SICU, Acute Kidney Care Unit, Advanced dialysis unit, and comprehensive diagnostic support facilities along with 24×7 Emergency care and pharmacy with patient amenities. Certified for its excellence in healthcare as The Best Hospital by the prestigious and globally acclaimed Newsweek publication, AINU with its advanced patient care, experienced staff, and latest technological amenities like the latest generation Robotic-assisted surgeries and has 100 bedded hemodialysis facility with 5008S HDF system provided with provision for advanced Hemodiafiltration. The expert-based dialysis is best suited to each individual’s needs and also takes a multidisciplinary approach to care.

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