11th edition of Hexaware Dream Runners Half Marathon with participants of 5,000 runners

After 2 years of virtual formats of marathons due to covid, the 11th edition of Hexaware Dream Runners Half Marathon (DRHM) was held today in Chennai, and over 5000 runners from various parts of India participated.

Honorable Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu Thiru Ma Subramanian flagged off and participated in running 21.1 Km in this marathon event. He was joined by a few other corporate leaders and eminent personalities of the city. The marathon saw 1700 runners in 21.1 Km and 3300 in 10 Km categories which includes many women runners, several runners over the age of 60 both men and women, the Indian Army, Navy, Coastal Guards, Tamil Nadu Police, and the National Intelligence Agency.

With a modest beginning in 2012, Dream Runners Half Marathon has now grown to become a signature event on the marathon calendar of Chennai. Proceeds from the event will be used to provide prosthetic limbs to deserving amputees and high compression body suits to women who are victims of burns and domestic violence.

DRHM 2022 initiatives included:

#runclean – ploggers who are also runners ensure the marathon is litter-free.

#sheshouldrun – encouraging more women runners to participate by offering free training and sharing inspirational videos in the run-up to the event.

#runsafe – by educating our team on first aid and emergency medical responses.

Dreamrunners have been training runners who have never run before with a free training program across 12 of its chapters in Chennai. Many of the trainees ran their first 10 K today.

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