Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries (CIFI) plans to propel the footwear industry with its 7th India International Footwear Fair (IIFF) 

Chennai, 22 June, 2023: The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries (CIFI) held a curtain raiser event to announce the launch of its 7th edition of India International Footwear Fair (IIFF), which will be held on the 27th of July, 2023 at New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan. The renowned annual B2B fair will serve as a platform for exhibitors to showcase new designs and products, as well as networking and business opportunities for various industry personnel and entrepreneurs from the footwear sector.

Mr. V Noushad, CIFI National President expressed his thoughts “With the Indian footwear segment already expanding at a significant pace, such industry events will further boost its growth trajectory to the next level, as it brings together a variety of players specializing in different domains sharing their expert knowledge. Year on year we have witnessed IIFF becoming bigger and bigger, not just in terms of numbers, but the value it brings out as an influential networking platform for generating original ideas and offering practical solutions. We are more than confident of this year’s fair to become a game changer in the sector and a highly valued event for all its participants to reap the maximum from its bouquet of benefits.  

There was a lively interaction with industry stakeholders which was followed by an interactive session with the media. The event was attended by the hon’ble minister of Industry and Commerce, Shri Piyush Goyal; Mr. Rajiv Singh Thakur, Additional Secretary, DPIIT; Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha (IAS), MD, FDDI; Ms. Hema Maity, GM, ITPO; Mr. V Noushad, CIFI National President; Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta, MD of Action group & Chairman of Development Council for Footwear and Leather Industry; Mr. Ramesh Kumar Dua M.D Relaxo Footwear; Mr. Rajinder Jindal, MD of Asian Shoes; Mr. Subash Jagga, MD of Today Footwear and Mr. Alok Jain Chief Convenor IIFF 2023. The event also featured videos and presentations regarding the upcoming fair and key information about the procedures for online booking, to track the latest developments, you can go to the ITPO website

 The 7th India International Footwear Fair (IIFF) will showcase a wide range of products and services related to the footwear sector, including novel designs, machinery equipment, technology, compounds, raw materials, footwear components, synthetic materials, textiles, and much more. By bringing all these elements under one roof, IIFF plans to offer a comprehensive showcase of the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the segment. Experts will also conduct workshops and seminars on various topics such as design trends, manufacturing techniques, marketing strategies, and retail insights during this fair. 

The event will be highly beneficial for networking, discovering new suppliers and partners, and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field.

About CIFI: During the last few years, India witnessed robust developments in Footwear Industry. Due to recent technological advancements, footwear production increased on a large scale. This situation demands a national-level institution for the development of the footwear sector. 

The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries is proposed to be the axis and pivot institution for the unity and development of players in the footwear industry. The promoters of the Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries include the leading footwear manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of raw materials in India. At present there is no national level institution to co-ordinate the footwear manufacturers and dealers. The promoters of the Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries are confident about serving the purpose by incorporating a Section 25 Company in the name and style aforesaid. To fulfill the objectives of the proposed Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries, the promoters believe that the same should be incorporated as a Section 25 Company under the Companies Act, 1956. The Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries is supposed to induce the future development of the footwear industry in India and in fact the development of the economy. The proposed activities of the Company include the conduct of conventions, training programs, workshops, and seminars across the country, which will certainly result in positive changes in the economy. The presence of the Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries will certainly increase the competence of the members to manufacture and market superior quality footwear across the globe. Being conceived the idea of incorporating the Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries and understanding the benefits of Section 25 Company, the promoters wish to incorporate Confederation of Indian Footwear Industries as a Section 25 Company to serve the noble cause.

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