Dr. Prateep V. Philip, Founder and Chair of Friends of Police, Achieves Historic Milestone with “Fillipisms” Published in Over 40 Languages

October, 2023:  Dr. Prateep V. Philip, the esteemed Founder and Chair of Friends of Police (FOP), has made history in the world of literature by compiling and publishing “Fillipisms: 3333 Maxims to Maximize Your Life” in over 40 languages. This extraordinary achievement includes major European languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese, as well as prominent Asian languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian, along with five major Indian languages, including Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam.  The entire Friends of Police (FOP) community joyfully celebrated this remarkable feat by its visionary founder, Dr. Prateep V. Philip IPS R, former DGP CBCID TN.

In each of these languages, “Fillipisms” stands as a monumental accomplishment, setting records on both a global and Asian scale. The translated work is set to be officially unveiled at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest book exhibition, taking place from October 18th to October 22nd, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Prateep V. Philip will personally attend the fair to mark the release of 40 translations of “Fillipisms.”

This historic accomplishment is a testament to Dr. Prateep V. Philip’s unwavering dedication, commitment, and tireless efforts in advancing the dissemination of wisdom and knowledge across diverse cultures and languages. As Indians, Tamils, and Asians, we take immense pride in this extraordinary achievement and extend our heartfelt best wishes to him on this remarkable journey.

FoP Coordinator

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