Eye Research Centre to Raise Funds for Surgeries for underprivileged through Actor Siddharth’s ‘Chithha’ Movie Charity premiere

The revenue earned would be used to perform 40,000 corneal surgeries to give vision to 13lakhs blind people in the country…

Chennai, 27th September 2023: Eye Research Centre, a recognised NGO dedicated to providing affordable eye surgeries to underprivileged populations, today raised funds through Actor Siddharth’s Chitththa movie charity premiere. It was an outstanding event that combines the enchantment of cinema with the spirit of compassion at Seasons PVR Sathyam.

Dr. Athiya Agarwal, Director of Dr Agarwals Group of Eye Hospitals said “We are beyond the word excited to play an active role in this amazing initiative. It’s a lot more than about embracing the film industry’s a figment, it is also about being an indicator of promise for those dealing with vision problems. The funds raised from this occasion are going to enable us to perform over 40,000 life-altering corneal surgeries, bringing light back to the lives of 1.3 million Indians who have become blind from corneal disease.”

“Our aim is transparent – our organisation is here to deliver affordable surgeries to people who are facing challenges with finances and community barriers. Thanks for making a direct contribution to this worthwhile effort by joining the ‘Chithha’ charity premiere, establishing an accelerator for turning events” said Dr. Ashvin Agarwal, Executive Director & Chief Clinical Officer of Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital.

An evening with mission and excitement was expected from the fascinating movie “Chithha,” that promises to stir hearts and ignite minds. Siddharth, the movie’s lead actor, was an outspoken promoter of the Indian Eye Research Centre’s goal. “I am proud to be an active participant of an endeavour that seeks to bring together worldwide fans of film and community members for an especially worthy cause. It’s not just a premiere; it’s an occasion of a cause that’s important to my heart,” he said.

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