MCKINGSTOWN” MEN’S GROOMING 8th Outlet LAUNCHED BY Thiru RS Bharathi (Member of Parliament) DMK, Darren Rodrigues & G.Vishwanathan at Nanganullur

“A brand is no longer what we tell a customer it is- it is what customers tell each other it is.”

The Maker of McKingstown-Darren Rodrigues along with the Franchise Partner G Vishwanathan Guest of Honor RS Bharathi launched new McKingstown 8th outlet at Nanganullur 

Mckingstown contemporary salon designed only for men, reinvents Chennai Men’s grooming scene to best  raise quality and men pampering European standards.

Whether for business or relaxation come experience Our doors are open to men who desire to look their best at all times, Here men Whether need a haircut, shave or facial, “MCKINGSTOWN” offers Hygiene, professionalism and personal attention in addition offering a wide range of bespoke male grooming services tailored to their needs.

McKingstown conveniently located in Nanganullur (opposite Independence park) with highly skilled staff elevates the traditional barbershop experience to suit the sophistication of the modern man, moving beyond basic grooming strives to offer premium quality and experience at a reasonable price that can be afforded by the every day man.

MCKINGSTOWN” located at

No: 5B 6th main road Nanganullur , Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061

Phone Number “9159855556

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