MV Hospital for Diabetes unveils a new logo and Commemorates Founder Late Prof. M Viswanathan’s 100th Birth anniversary.

Chennai, 26th August 2023: M.V. Diabetes for Hospital, Royapuram established in 1954 a pioneering institution in the field of healthcare takes a momentous step to celebrate centenary birth anniversary of the legacy of its visionary founder Prof M Viswanathan and embark on a new chapter of growth and innovation a refreshed logo that encapsulates Prof M Viswanathan’s pioneering spirit and the hospital’s commitment to excellence was unveiled by Dr. Vijay Viswanathan the Head and Chief Diabetologist at the MV Hospital for Diabetes. To mark the centenary celebration hospital donated 100 saplings to Dr. J Radhakrishnan, IAS, Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation to be planted in Singara Chennai and Free Health Camp was Inaugurated by IDreams R Murthy, MLA, Roypauram Legislative Assembly.

This institution is regarded as one of the best centres for diabetes management and research and it caters to patients from across the country as well as people from neighbouring countries. The hospital is recognized by several public sector undertakings and corporations and large private sector companies for the purpose of treating their executives and employees. Our diabetes interventions are backed by research done here.

The free health Checkup camp for the Royapuram public to create awareness about Diabetes and its complications. Prof. M Viswanthan is known as the Father of Diabetology in India and was instrumental in developing the Diabetology specialty in India and also did pioneering research work from 1954 to 1996 in prevention of Diabetes through healthy living One of the initiatives by the Hospital is to provide free testing in the hospital for the siblings of the people with Diabetes to detect pre-diabetes and provide counseling to create awareness and prevent Diabetes.

Dr. Vijay Viswanathan the Head and Chief Diabetologist at the MV Hospital for Diabetes, said “As we honor Prof. M Viswanthan’s centenary birth anniversary, we are thrilled to reveal a logo that encapsulates M.V. Hospital for Diabetes journey while capturing the essence of our founder’s enduring legacy. Over the past 67 years, we have developed a team here in our hospital and we are able to provide Holistic care to the people with Diabetes by not only providing treatment through medicines, diet, and education but through yoga we are helping them to live a healthy life” added, Dr. Vijay Viswanathan.

“According to the recent Lancet study estimates that 101 million people in India – 11.4% of the country’s population are living with diabetes and diabetes was more frequent in urban than rural area, said Dr Vijay Viswanthan. Changing lifestyles, improved standards of living, migration to cities, erratic working hours, sedentary habits, stress, pollution, change in food habits and easy availability of fast food are some of the reasons why diabetes is rising in India”, warned Dr Vijay Viswanathan

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