Prashanth Hospitals successfully performs Deep Brain Stimulation procedure on a 47-year-old Uzbekistan national

Dr. Vigneshwar Ravisankar, Clinical Lead for the Department of Neurosciences at Prashanth Hospitals, DBS functions similarly to a pacemaker for such neurological conditions

Chennai, September 21, 2022 : Prashanth Hospitals, one of the leading super specialty hospitals in Chennai successfully performed a complex Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) procedure on a 47-year-old woman from Uzbekistan. The patient was advised to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation procedure in her country, as her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) severity was found to be very high. This advanced neurosurgical procedure is made possible by an expert team of Neurosurgeons, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Anaesthesiologist, and nursing at Prashanth Hospitals. The patient is currently stable, healing well, and pleased with the immediate effects of surgery and noticed an improvement in health condition.

Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Vigneshwar Ravisankar, Clinical Lead for Neurosciences, Prashanth Hospitals, Kolathur explained “The 47-year-old Uzbekistan patient had come all the way to our facility in Chennai with a hope to recover from this disabling condition. She was assessed and found to be a candidate for DBS. This procedure targets specific neuronal networks to modulate their function to treat a wide range of complex neurological and psychiatric disorders. We are pleased that the patient has shown significant improvement and is pleased with the preliminary results. Further programming will allow for excellent results that are customised to this individual. It’s just the beginning of a better life for her.”

“She is also happy to go out, shake hands, and mingle with people, which was not previously observed due to her condition, we have cutting-edge facilities in all major specialties, and our Department of Neurosciences has always set high standards of excellence in surgeries and treatments. ” said Dr. Pari Muthukumar, Medical Director of Prashanth Hospitals.

Dr. Prashanth Krishna, Director, Prashanth Hospitals further added “Aside from providing high-quality healthcare, Prashanth Hospitals’ procedures are very affordable. Though we had previously performed a couple of DBS procedures, this unique feat was a very complex procedure due to the patient’s severe OCD complication. However, our expert team of doctors, led by Dr. Vigneshwar, was able to achieve this breakthrough. “

Senior Neurosurgeon, Dr. Vigneshwar, from Prashanth Hospitals also believes that DBS to a patient is equivalent to a pacemaker for an ailing heart. He also strongly believes that DBS will provide several medical breakthroughs in the coming decades because of the technologically advancements in the field of brain mapping and the results of the Human Connectome project

Patients with various neurological and psychiatric conditions undergo this safe procedure where their condition keeps improving over a period. This rare procedure which involves precise placement of micro-electrodes, in target areas of the brain, can be done to treat carefully selected patients, with Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremors and other neurological and some psychiatric conditions.

About Prashanth Hospitals: Prashanth Hospitals is a multidisciplinary hospital that provides sophisticated and dedicated healthcare services by professionally trained experts. Prashanth Super-specialty Hospital at Velachery and Kolathur is one of the best- and well-known multi- specialty hospitals in Chennai. These facilities have well trained and skilled nursing staff who can take good care of the patients. The vision is to become an internationally renowned medical institute by providing excellent health care services to the patients, and the mission is to maintain the trust of the patient by providing good quality of health care. The values on which Prashanth Super-specialty Hospitals functions are quality of care, respect, competence, the effectiveness of the treatment, safety, and creating health awareness among the people. Prashanth Super- specialty Hospitals also provides various health care packages for check-ups and diagnosis of any ailment and their treatments.

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