Thiru Gandhi, Honorable Minister of Handloom & Khadi lighted the lamp and inaugurated the 2-day Global Conference presented by WICCI Handloom Council event along with Thiru Dharmendra Pratap Yadav IAS with WICCI president Ms Sakina Ansari and WICCI National Handloom Council members

This event aims to organizing, promoting, reviving, and uplifting women in the handloom industry. WICCI is committed to empowering women artisans and entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive, creating new platforms across the nation to highlight the achievements of the local artisans and a lasting impact in the handloom sector.

The two day event on 9th and 10th of February 2024 will have the below event categories. 

1️. Sessions: Engage with expert speakers and artisans sharing insights on handweaving and natural dyeing techniques.

2. Display: Witness exquisite handwoven creations and natural dyeing masterpieces in an exclusive exhibition.

3️. Demonstrations: Learn the art first hand through live weaving and dyeing demonstrations by skilled artisans.

4. Bazaar: Shop for authentic handwoven textiles, dyed fabrics, and traditional crafts from around the world.

5️. Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops to try your hand at weaving and dyeing.

6️. Cultural Showcases: Experience cultural performances & a fashion walk celebrating the heritage of handweaving.

The event celebrates the rich tradition of handweaving and natural dyeing at Sangamam!

1.Demonstration about spinning & Indigo vats by team EARTHCRAFT / Avani

2. Demonstration of bardoli Charkha by two women spinners on bardoli charkha and weaving by 1 male weaver by Nila House

3. Indigo Dyeing workshop by Jagada Rajappa

4. Block Printing demo by Jabbar Khatri

5. Cotton Spinning on Charkha by Samyukta from Srikakulam
The stalls are open and free for the public to come and purchase the handloom and handicrafts.

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