TN Health Minister Inaugurates Neonatal ICU and Speech Therapy Centre at Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur

Minister hands over Letter of Appreciation to Dr Gurushankar, Chairman, Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur for his leadership under which the hospital cured 10 lakh people for the past 10 years

THANJAVUR / January 17, 2023: Thiru Ma. Subramanian, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu, inaugurated the state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the advanced Speech Therapy Centre at the 250-bed Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur, the largest multispecialty hospital in the city. 

In his inaugural address, Thiru Ma. Subramanian, said, “While running a multispecialty hospital in a big city like Chennai itself is a challenge, Meenakshi Hospital, has not only grown but has also emerged as the most sought after healthcare destination in the entire delta region, despite its location in a tier III city like Thanjavur. About 10 years ago, people in this region had to be rushed to a nearby city when there was a health emergency like heart attack. But thanks to Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur, they today get timely and advanced medical intervention right here and at affordable costs and so far they have cured 10 lakh patients for the last 10 years.” 

Thiru Ma. Subramanian appreciated Dr Gurushankar for his social contributions, especially for constructing free houses for the people in the delta region, which was ravaged by Cyclone Gaja in 2018, and for providing free coconut tree saplings to revive the livelihood of people. In the last ten years, his hospital had conducted more than a thousand free medical camps across the delta region.

The minister lauded the hospital and its doctors for their dedication in treating Covid patients during the pandemic years. “I am happy to point out that Meenakshi Hospital treated over 3,000 Covid patients from four authorised centres during the pandemic. The hospital also introduced a six-layer protection and thus provided a safe environment, free of infection risks, for patients, doctors and all other staff. Also, I am proud to know that the hospital came up with a low-cost innovation known as Tanjore Air Purifying Respirator (TAPR), the world’s first system that could securely deliver compressed medical grade air from the ventilatory circuits to doctors at operation theatres through a hood.” 

In his address, Dr. Gurushankar, said, “We are happy to bring a world class NICU to the delta region. It is fully equipped to provide comprehensive care for children, especially the premature newborn infants. Similarly, our new speech therapy centre is advanced. It has necessary infrastructure and speech-language therapists, audiologist, and a full clinical management team to treat communication disorders of children. We hope that these new facilities will pave the way for holistic development of children from this region.”

Talking about the recognition from the health minister, Dr Gurushankar said, “On behalf of our doctors and staff I accept with gratitude the letter of appreciation from the state government and the health minister, which could not have come at a better time than now, when we are celebrating the 10th year anniversary. We are the only hospital in the entire delta region to have as many as six national quality certifications. Meenakshi Hospital has emerged as a pride of Thanjavur.”

As part of its 10th year anniversary celebrations, Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur has undertaken a range of charitable activities this month, including angiogram and OPD investigations at discounted rates, free ambulance pick-and-drop facility within a 10 km distance from the hospital, and free paediatric OPD consultations. 

The hospital organised “Thiruvizha”, an event of yesteryear games, and “Star Night”, featuring a variety of performances by television personalities, on January 17. These events attracted over the participation of 15,000 people. 

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